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5 Super Cool Upsides To Having A Beard (Jameson)

I wrote this article as part of Jameson's 2021 World Beard Day celebration campaign.

How Important Is a Bone Marrow Registry in Nigeria? Nigerian Sickle Cell Patients Weigh In

The only bone marrow registry in Nigeria has been struggling for years due to a lack of funding and awareness. On behalf of the NESG Capstone Group, I interviewed two sickle cell patients to talk about the importance of the registry, and why more people should become bone marrow donors.

6 Tips To Easily Identify False News Online And How To Report It (Facebook)

I wrote this article as part of Facebook's 2021 campaign #NoFalseNewsZone designed to educate the general public about the dangers of false news and how to report it.

5 Reasons Why Jollof Is Nobody's Mate (Coca-Cola)

I wrote this article as part of Coca-Cola's 2021 World Jollof Day campaign.

6 Things You Do That Are Ruining Your Natural Face Game (NIVEA)

I wrote this article as part of NIVEA's 2021 face care campaign to promote their line of face care products.

Nanny Diaries: Nigerian Mothers Talk About the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (EveryNanny)

I wrote this human interest story as part of a campaign to promote the Nigerian caregiver recruitment and placement agency, EveryNanny.