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Some humourous articles I've written about entertainment and pop culture.

4 Nollywood Characters Who Brought About Their Own Misfortune

We're supposed to feel bad for movie protagonists as they spend a movie's runtime trying to solve a problem. But what happens when it's a problem that's entirely their fault? This article is about the protagonists in Nollywood movies who fall under this category.

I Watched “Chief Daddy 2” So You Don’t Have To

As part of the weekly comedy series I write for zikoko.com, I watched and recapped the 2022 comedy movie, Chief Daddy 2.

5 Old Nigerian Adverts That Were Pretty Much Just Horror Movies In Disguise

Sometimes, brands unknowingly create rich horror universes with their TV ads. In this article, I list and explain 5 times this has happened.

4 Nigerian Songs With Lyrics That Reveal Horrifying Back Stories

One amazing thing about Nigerian music is how, after you’re done nodding your head to the beats and doing the Capoeira-style dances, you can relax and listen to the lyrics, which, a lot of the time, contain utterly terrifying backstories.