A list of some of the video projects I've worked on.

Astor & Hassan VS The World (Writer & Host)

For the Zikoko original video series, Astor & Hassan VS The World, I scripted and acted in a mockumentary-style episode made to mimic the tone of popular comedies like The Office and Modern Family.

Isolation Diaries (Creator/Writer/Host)

When the world went into lockdown because of COVID-19, I was tasked by my employer,, to create a video series that I could film from home because no one could go to the office studio. So I created Isolation Diaries, a weekly series that I wrote and hosted myself. It followed the pandemic/lockdown adventures of a fictionalised version of me.

Lani Digital (Writer)

I was tasked with scripting a video that would introduce Lani Digital (a platform with ready-to-use customisable legal contracts and forms for personal and business needs) using a relatable fictional character that could be used in other promotional videos for the company.

Paystack (Host)

I starred in a promotional video advertising the new Paystack feature: Pay for Me.

Nigerians Talk (Producer)

I produced the third season of the original series, Nigerians Talk.